Thursday, June 18, 2009

Using Templates to Create Quick Scrapbook Layouts!

As I mentioned earlier digital templates are a fast and easy way to make fantastic looking scrapbook pages without all of the fuss. I have created a template that anyone can use with their storybook software. All you have to do is save this template on your computer and import it into your storybook creator (SBC)software.

The easiest way I have found to do this is to create a storybook called templates. In this storybook I store all of the templates I find online as well as the ones I have created for my personal use.

When I decide I want to use one of my templates then all I do is open the project I am working on. Select "import page" from my "home" ribbon in Storybook Creator (SBC). This brings up a navigation window. I navigate to my "templates" storybook and select the template I want to use. SBC then brings my chosen template into my current project. Once the template is in my current project I can change and modify it however I want.

The easiest way to modify your template is to select the various shapes on the page and "fill" them with desired colours and papers. To do this select the shape you want to change. Then go to your "papers" ribbon on the side of your screen. Find the paper you want. Right click on the paper. A drop down menu pops up. Select "fill selected shape". The paper you selected will be added to whatever shape you have selected. In a matter of a few clicks you can have an entire page completed!

Here is a picture of the template I started with as well as a completed scrapbook page. This layout was given to everyone on the "Chirper Challenge" Blog and I decided to create my own version using my storybook software.

If you are interested I have put it up on Please follow this link all I ask is you leave a comment. I love to find out who has benefited from my blog. I would also love to see your finished product.

All of the papers were from the CM Best Buds Digital Quick Kit
The stitching was from CM Pets Digital Quick Kit
Font: Scrap Brother


  1. Very nice LOs and projects!!!

  2. Fantastic, I really want to get into Digital, but scared it will be to complicated for me. Great job.

  3. Your layouts are so good. Love your blog keep up the great work....~~♥~