Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Reason I Love Working with CM Live Templates.

Hi Everyone,

I apologize for not posting here more often. I have been crazy busy lately trying to put together a storybook in honour of my Grandmother's 80th birthday. I love how it is coming together and everything has been so much easier thanks to CM's live templates.

I wanted this storybook to have a more heritage type feel so I purchased a few kits as well as some predesigned pages through CM. Some of the pages I could use as is and make a beautiful page in a matter of minutes. Other pages just needed a little tweeking and some were a perfect springboard for getting my creative juices flowing.

Today I wanted to show you one of the predesigned pages that came in the "Beautifully Blended" Predesigned page kit before I changed it, and I also wanted to show you my finished project so you could see how versatile these pages can be.

For this particular layout I wanted to feature a number of pictures of my Grandmother with her sister. I really liked the tree embellishment that was on the predesigned page but nothing else really fit with my overall storybook theme.

This is what the page looked like before I did anything to alter it.

To remedy this situation I changed the papers and embellishments to match the other side of my double page layout while leaving the tree alone. Then all I had to do was change the positioning of the tree embellishment and fill the circles around the tree with paper that would match my layout. Now I have a whole new layout that meets my needs but saved me lots of time because I didn't have to start from scratch! If I had had to create this tree embellishment from scratch it wouldn't have turned out nearly as nice. There are so many tiny pieces. I'm glad I can count on the CM designers to come up with amazing embellishments that I can personalize in just a few clicks.

Here is the completed double page layout.

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